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Radically improve your music following these tips and you'll get an amazing result in your tracks.

Another good thing about this session is that you Get access to free stuff  to download in order to improve your knowledge and skills and learn how to make a track  in the genre of your choice with Ableton Live, just give yourself a try and never give up.

Download for free some of my customized Samples Packs and sounds and use in your own projects. 

there are several things in this page like archives and content about electronic music production

And also do not miss out important information about music magazine, sotfware, hardware and technology related to music business.

Find documentation like equalization tables, compression tables and more stuff that would definitely improve your tracksT. he in addition, I will you some tips for Djing like mixing in key for better mix session



In This Session you are going to find all my job, tracks and something else do not waste time; hurry up and check out awesome music.

new and fresh sounds that will make your soul feel cheerful and tranquility in turn will transport you to a dream world.

New releases are constantly coming through the best digital stores worldwide such as Beatport, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Minbit,



Get access to several free video tutorials about how to produce electronic music properly and reach a proffessional sound that will let the people know your creativity and imagination.

Learn the fundaments of electronic music composition and make the difference  by the time to distribute your tracks wolrdwide.

keep in mind that  it does not matter what kind of software or hardware you use because it all about inspiration and discipline.